The Artistic Bug hits again

So recently we moved back to Missouri from Virginia.  Being in the Army, we move a lot!  Which kind of bites when your a photographer.  You spend years building your clientele only to move.  We take everything with a grain of salt though.  If all goes well this will be our final move with the Army and it is our goal, vision and dream to create not only a successful business here in Columbia, MO but to make it a recognizable brand.  Having said that, we’ve just barely gotten into our lives here in Missouri, but we’re finally ready to start building our clientele again.

I must admit, this is the part of the business I HATE!!  though, I love meeting new people, and telling their story with beautiful photographs, I hate having to go out there and find them and asking them to trust me with their business.  To me, it is something more personal then a business transaction, people are trusting me to tell their story in a beautiful and meaningful way.  I wish my whole day could just be behind the Camera doing what I do.  Every moment I spend behind a computer advertising or handing out business cards is a moment that takes away from what I love to do, creating.

I have resolved however, to take one picture each day regardless if I have a client or not.  If you see this post and you are needing pictures done, would you mind giving my work a look?  I’d be honored if you trusted me to tell your story.

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