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06 Jan 2020

Annie, Practice makes perfect

I was having a conversation with Tonya yesterday and she was getting a little frustrated with me.  She supports me like no other, she’s my biggest fan and my motivation.  So yesterday, she was having a hard time understanding why I was so down about some pictures I took.  Well, quiet frankly, they weren’t good enough.  Simply put, I am so critical of myself, the question I ask myself is how is your work going to stand out from the […]

02 Jan 2020

The Artistic Bug hits again

So recently we moved back to Missouri from Virginia.  Being in the Army, we move a lot!  Which kind of bites when your a photographer.  You spend years building your clientele only to move.  We take everything with a grain of salt though.  If all goes well this will be our final move with the Army and it is our goal, vision and dream to create not only a successful business here in Columbia, MO but to make it a […]